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“Appreciative Inquiry focuses us on the positive aspects of our lives and leverages them to correct the negative. It’s the opposite of ‘problem-solving.”


White, T.H. Working in Interesting Times: Employee morale and business success in the information age. Vital Speeches of the Day, May 15, 1996, Vol XLII, No. 15.

Our ambition is more than just acknowledgement of good practice. If we are to learn from excellence and change practice accordingly we need to extract the learning points from within each FERF and extrapolate these to influence everyday practice.

Transforming a single episode of good practice into sustained excellence requires root cause analysis.  


For selected FERFs interviewing the "FERFers" using the appreciative inquiry tool yields opportunities to learn not just "what happened" but "why it happened" from positive events.  Looking at the causes of good practice is the beginning of translating praise into effective changes.

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