Collect the FERFs

how to...

Collect the FERFs from the deposit boxes
  1. A multidisciplinary team to collect, analyse and feedback
  2. FERF forms
  3. FERF deposit boxes

  4. Posters to advertise FERFs

  5. Noticeboard in a prominent place to display FERFs

  6. Letter template to feedback to individuals


What you need
Engage the team
  1. Put up posters in several key areas to encourage participation.
  2. Keep talking about FERFs to encourage participation and on-going awareness.

  3. FERF is a deliberately light-hearted and humorous term to encourage engagement and participation.

  4. Disseminate information to staff:

            - What are FERFs?

            - Share background principles

            - Share examples

            - Why are you introducing them?

            - How will they change Practice


The FERF team should review all the forms once a month
Themes can be extracted
Appreciative Inquiry interviews can dig deeper into root causes
Display summaries on a notice board for staff and visitors to see (ensure confidentiality and appropriateness)
Feedback to individuals by a letter for their portfolio via their supervisor
Discuss important and recurrent themes at clinical governance or other departmental meeting
Select an outstanding event and nominate a team or individual as FERFer of the month
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