Using positive examples to learn from will increase the confidence and the morale of individual team members as well as that of the team as a whole.


Positive feedback is an important part of professional development and this process ensures that things that work well will be identified, encouraged and continued.


It is time to change our attitudes.


It is time to overhaul the way we think of the services we provide and time to appreciate all the good things that happen in every department, in every hospital across the country every single day.



Currently there are several ways to review and learn from bad practice:


  • adverse incident reporting forms

  • reviews of complaints

  • reviews of difficult cases

  • significant events analysis

Learning from excellence is in its infancy within the NHS.  Using appreciative inquiry to draw out root cause analyses of positive events we can transform care by focusing on what we do well.

Favourable Event Reporting Forms are a way for our colleagues to show formal appreciation for aspects of clinical practice that are recognised as being good. They are a way of encouraging us all to think positively and recognise that good things happen around us every day that we should recognise, appreciate and encourage.

Clarissa Chase


Paediatric Registrar

FERF founder

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Web Editor: Fiona Bowles Paediatric Emergency Medicine Registrar

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