Taking Pride in our Practice

What is FERF?

FERF is an initiative to Recognise the positive things that happen in the NHS and to learn form them

Introducing FERF to your department is easy. This website is designed to aid introduction so your team can flourish from recognising the brilliant things that happen in your department every day.


Let’s appreciate the diligence, the dedication and the devotion of our hard working workforce.


Get recognising, get appreciating, get positive…



                                                 …GET FERFING!

Get FERFing
"Throughout the NHS staff work tirelessly every day, striving for clinical excellence and improving standards of care.
BRILLIANT things happen across the country every day? Isn't it time we RECOGNISE them?"

Clarissa Chase

Paediatric Registrar

FERF founder

What is FERF?



How to FERF
I'm Ready
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Web Editor: Fiona Bowles Paediatric Emergency Medicine Registrar

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